rise and shine

Rafael wakes me early. I feed him in bed for as long as he’s happy, but after about 30 minutes, he wants to be up. I never really want to get out of bed (does anyone?) but once I’m out and downstairs, I find I’m enjoying the early morning; the quiet, the hot tea, the chance for some undisturbed reading or knitting. Even the darkness; it gives me chance to create a cosy room. Once the kettle’s on, I enthusiastically set my scene – fairy lights on (all year round!), lamps on, fire on if it’s still chilly, relaxing music on the CD player. Rafi will happily play and explore for a while and I’ve been delving into a set of magazines Matt bought me for Christmas. Taproot; thoughtful writing, beautiful photographs and illustrations, and no adverts. Making, growing, building, nurturing. Simple living inspiration. There’s so much goodness in them. A lot of ideals mixed with a lot of reality. There’s much that inspires me and a little that is beyond my interest or capacity (‘Making Spruce Beer and Vinegar’??)

After an hour or so, if I’m lucky, Rafi is filled up and sometimes ready for another nap. I creep back upstairs to tuck him in, hoping not to wake anyone else. This morning, I’ve managed it and am contentedly snuggled under my own knitted blanket (the joy!), pencil and notepad in hand, cherishing the moments to myself. I know it won’t be long before those little footsteps come down the stairs. I’m happy to be awake, up and ready to greet them when they arise.

Oh, and here’s the first one. Moment over.