And this happened…



They’ve grown a bit since my last post!

I’m not sure where I’ve been exactly, except I know it will have involved dust and chaos, tea and chocolate and knitting, books and games and talking and mud. Oh, and I forgot my password and couldn’t quite figure out how to get a new one. For a long long time.

I’ve missed keeping my record, and when I ask myself why I really want to blog again, it always comes back to it being a record for myself and our children to look back on. I have loved reading my old posts over the last few days and sharing those photos with the kids. Because we do forget stuff, when it was wonderful and not so wonderful. I’m so glad I recorded so much in what, looking back, was a really crazy year; moving cities, having our fourth baby and three other children under 7, starting home educating (but in a new city that I didn’t know where the playgrounds were and who the people were. There was a LOT of driving around!). And I can look back and remember that we did create a play dough bakery and read a lot of stories together and paint and make our Christmas cards and make a lot of mess and pretend together. Because I had forgotten.

So I’ll bring you a little bit up to date; this has happened…


Rosie is our adorable cockapoo. We got her on the day she was 8 weeks old (so young!) and she’s now four months old. We are loving walking her and being mobbed whenever we come downstairs, but not-so-much cleaning up of the little puddles and parcels around the house. She’s like a teddy bear and gets lots of attention and admiration when we take her out. Our dog journey started with a daughter desperate for a dog. Desperate, I tell you. For a long time. I arranged to borrow a dog once a week, through the website ‘borrow my doggy’ (highly recommended) and it wasn’t very long at all until we saw how much having a dog would bring to our family. All the kids adore her, and so do we. Matt spent the second night sleeping with her on the sofa as he couldn’t take the crying any longer (we have crate trained her at night)! I knew he would be a big softie!


And aside from being mother and home educator to four lovelies, I’ve got THE best part time job in the world. A babysitter. Yes, I know its a teenagers job, but I get to hang out in other people’s tidy ordered houses (everyone cleans up for the babysitter) , read stories to children who LOVE me. Because I am Mary Poppins. Drink my herbal tea and knit quietly, do admin, journal, even watch TV if I’m that exhausted. Can you believe I get paid for this?!

And this happened….


I am an official soap maker, my friends. I’ve wanted to make soap for a few years but just couldn’t bite the bullet and teach myself with all that scary chemical stuff required. So, I booked myself onto a soap making course and haven’t looked back. I love making stuff and soap making will be another creative outlet for me…but its also pretty science-y, and I’m really enjoying that. I will enjoy making our own soap (for hair and body as well as our laundry powder- I know!) and gifts for people, but I also really want to sell soap and one of my goals for this year is to start selling. So watch this space…


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