Spring doesn’t seem so far way when you’re planting springtime bulbs. Who am I trying to kid? 

We spent this weekend digging out unwanted messy bushes and weeds from the front of our house ready to plant pretty flowers. Tulips, Aliums and a couple of other flowers that will look pretty and colourful next year…all being well. 

We made two trips to the garden centre last week, firstly to buy some seeds for quick growing flowers (they don’t exist this time of year, so we settled for cress seeds). I was lured by the bulbs and so went back later in the week when my dad was visiting. After making my selections (‘Stop now and go to the till!’ Dad cries….but so many pretty flowers!!) we ate cake and sat in the sunshine while the boys played outside.

So bulbs to plant gave me the incentive to start digging (OK, I weeded. Matt dug). 

I was very patient and restrained, allowing all the kids to help plant the bulbs, fighting every urge to lock all other members of the family indoors while I carefully planted exactly where I wanted. There was a little method to the chaos, hence the lolly sticks, but I decided random would look ok too. I hope they survive the winter and any passing animals who might want to dig them up (or children!). 


There’s something very satisfying about planting bulbs for next year. Ooh, is this what planning feels like?


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