play dough bakery

We made play dough on Monday and spent the next few hours using it to make play food for our bakery and shop. We haven’t used playdough for ages. I think I threw it all out..way past it’s life…when we moved. I fancied making some with the kids and found a basic recipe with lots of extra ideas for different ‘flavours’ on this blog .

The basic recipe is really easy. I knew I had cream of tartar in the baking drawer, bought accidentally ages ago. 

2 cups of plain flour, 2 tbsps veg oil, half cup of salt, 2 tbsps cream of tartar, 1-1.5 cups boiling water, 

food colouring (optional) ..or check out the blog for gorgeous more natural flavours such as oranges and lemons, gingerbread, lavender. On the to do list. Yum.

A few years ago I made some playdough when Keziah was little (where have those years gone!) and used a salt dough recipe but just found the salt content too much; even being in its presence made me really thirsty!

We had loads of fun. It was interesting doing something that was more pitched at a preschool age level, but the older two just took it a bit further with the bakery signs and money exchange in the role play. I think we were at it for a good three hours.

Thee was even music in the cafe. 

I loved being the customer and playing different roles. I get a little bit carried away. I ended up moving in with the chef, waiter and shopkeeper of the bakery to work with them. We also became pilots and midwives and had to fly around the house in our aeroplane helping women deliver babies (you can spot my influence, I think 😉

It was a great activity and will definitely be repeated.


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