lemon curd

We made lemon curd this week. I was enticed by the photo in this recipe book, when we were searching for lemon cake. I love anything lemony and have never made it before. Separating eggs seemed a bit of a hurdle but was surprisingly easy in my hands. I have to confess I didn’t let the kids help me with this bit. Joseph was asleep on the sofa and missed the whole thing. 

It’s delicious!

I now have three jars which I need to find homes for. I can’t possibly eat all that after seeing what goes in it! 

So far, I’ve spread a couple of oatcakes, but I can only think of other terribly unhealthy ways of eating it…like dripping it over ice cream, meringues or layering a cake. As if it needs more fat and sugar! Would be tasty though…..hmmm.


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