What we’re enjoying this week 20

I love the way Keziah placed the people in our nativity set…they look like they are lining up waiting to take a bow, knowing they are about to be put away for another 11 months. Boo hoo. I love this set and always want to keep it out…but it wouldn’t be special and enjoyed so much throughout December then would it?

Well, happy new year…..a week late, but that’s me! Here are a few pics from the last week of our 2013. 

Watching The Gruffalo…

We enjoyed a bit of Christmas TV with a big TV set borrowed from the office. It was nice to watch a few things together, especially the four part Nativity series which the kids hadn’t seen before. My other favourite is the Snowman..such wholesome watching! The tv has now gone back and we are trying to readjust our screen time again!

 I’ve made it about halfway through my first smelly old book!

It’s taking ages to read, mostly because when I get a chance, I’m more likely to pick up my knitting needles. But I’ve had at least one nice evening in front of the fire with the book. It’s written in a lovely old fashioned way but I’m still waiting for something significant to happen. It’s certainly not a thriller and maybe not being gripped by it is why it’s taking so long to get through! I will persevere….

We had a great tidy up on New Year’s Day. I love a good celebration clear up. Out with the Christmas tree, a little furniture shift and more toys moved into bedrooms. There is too much stuff down here and we need to spend less time tidying up! I enjoyed myself setting up a new book shelf and putting books into groups, where we have them….Topsy&Tim, Mr Men etc. 

We needed to open up the room a bit more so I can see where Rafael is heading and what he is chewing, now he’s on the move. I can’t take my eyes off him for long.

I knitted a few of these cotton face cloths for Christmas gifts. Not one of them was perfect…grrrr. But I enjoyed the knitting and could knock one up in a couple of sittings. They were nice wrapped in tissue paper and wool, with a lovely smelling soap inside. Ideally I’d love to make my own soap. Ideally….

I did a bit of reading up about making soap a couple of months ago and discovered it involves dangerous chemicals which shouldn’t be anywhere near children, so I was a bit put-off. It will have to be an exciting Saturday night activity with Matt. Well, I’ll let you know if it ever happens.

Spot the mistakes. Or actually, don’t bother. I should have given it a steam iron to finish it well but this was finished very close to the wire. When I took the photo, we were really supposed to be getting in the car to go…Matt was juggling all the kids and trying to get out of the house. I was really pushing my luck! 

I’ve found a knitting workshop on finishing techniques and correcting mistakes, which is just what I need, so I’m looking forward to that soon. I’m hoping for a lot more knitting and making this year. 

Well, I think 20 weeks in our first term here rounds up the ‘What we’re enjoying this week’ posts quite nicely. I’m going to try and write posts more little and often now, so hopefully I’ll be back here again soon.


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