what we’re enjoying this week 19


Well thank you to our friends for the idea of Robin finger painting. We used the idea to decorate some Christmas wrapping paper.


One little boy took the finger painting a bit further…

Some of our Christmas moments…

Wrapped presents waiting under the tree on Christmas Eve..

Finally opening stockings…they had been eagerly waiting from 4.45am!

Father Christmas understands my obsession with egg cups..

Rafael’s first Christmas present…

When I asked Matt to buy a Christmas present for Rafael earlier in the week, he came back with a Tommee Tippee cup! So I took great pleasure in choosing this gorgeous rabbit instead. The only thing I don’t like about this rabbit is that I didn’t make it myself! Maybe one day. He shall be named Rafi Rabbit I think.

We enjoyed simplicity this year. I have previously gone a bit bonkers with the present buying and later regretted it. The kids enjoy ripping off the paper of yet another gift more than what’s inside it, and everyone goes a bit crazy. It’s hard to change a habit but I really didn’t want all the stuff this year. They don’t want or wait for much generally (I’m not suggesting that’s a good thing!) and I wanted their Christmas presents to be few and treasured. I was really pleased that the few things they received were things they really wanted and are enjoying. We got it spot on. Zachary’s stocking had a wooden cube that you can change into robots and other shapes. It has kept him busy for ages, it’s a clever little thing.




Much needed socks! My that girl is fussy about her socks.

She is delighted to now be the proud owner of a recorder and periodically excuses herself from our company to enjoy it..

Joseph enjoyed using his new whisk. He has been asking to bake a lemon cake for as long as he’s been alive. Really. So we baked one quite spontaneously. He spotted the lemons in the fruit bowl so I couldn’t refuse him. The lemon drizzle cake recipe is from this beautiful book I received for my birthday in April. I’m embarrassed to say it’s the first thing I’ve baked from it, but we have been quite busy this year. It’s a beautiful book; the sort you want to take to bed with you and stroke (You don’t do that?)

When I showed Joseph the recipe, he wasn’t overwhelmed with enthusiasm. The appearance isn’t the sort that springs to mind when a child thinks of cake. But we know it’s lovely don’t we. I forgot to photograph the finished article but we did bake it, we really did. I don’t think Joseph has tasted it yet. I think that boy really does care more for the baking than the cake itself.

I’ve enjoyed a little of my Christmas presents…a set of four Taproot magazines I really wanted to sample, and some watercolours of my own…which the kids are helping me to use!

We had a fairly quiet Christmas week with much needed rest and not so much fuss. Some visits from family and a couple of friends have brightened our spirits and we are looking forward to a bit more this weekend.

Hope your Christmas has been a merry one.



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