what we’re enjoying this week 18

Somebody in particular had a very exciting weekend!

Such a full day with a trip to the museum and pizza restaurant. I just managed to keep this one awake in time for some cake…

Some favourite moments of this week…

My Shepherds…celebrating Christmas with other home ed families….

Making Christmas cards…

This was the result of Joseph’s unsupervised baking….a pretty edible, quite nice loaf of ‘bread’…It was so impressive we had it with our soup for lunch. We ignored the little bits of chocolate icing in it.

A couple of evenings with a hot toddy…

Discovering HorseWorld

A great play room with dressing up at Horseworld…

So, don’t mind if I do…

Lots of play and outdoors….leads to daytime napping in the car…means a late night for everyone….

And a sleepy pyjama morning…

We are ready for Christmas. The fridge is full, the carols are playing, the tree is decorated. Matt will have some time off work and we are ready to hibernate. I hope I will knit and read a smelly old book. We will watch some nice films…The Snowman is a favourite at the moment. I tried to have a candlelit bath late this afternoon and inevitably all the kids joined me, one by one. Uninevitably, we ended up watching The Snowman in the bath…! Maybe we will make that a tradition.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas… 




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