what we’re enjoying this week 17

Is this getting a little boring? More playgrounds, sandpits, crafting, playing… I just felt I needed to ask the question out loud. Blogging has so far been about more than sharing our story with anyone who wants to read it. It helps me process and think and, well, it refreshes me. I’d like more time to blog but more weeks than not, I just have time for this end-of-the-week summary. And I just realised I didn’t actually publish last week’s post – It was still sitting there as a draft. Oh how your week must have been empty without it! 

This week, I wrote a calendar for the kids….mostly for Keziah who likes to know what the plan for the day/week/year ahead is! Having said that, if someone else was in control, so would I! I wrote on the Saturday morning slot…’Mummy writing time’. Keziah read it out to Zachary, adding ‘she means go to Starbucks, Zachary!’ Hmph. 

The calendar was one of those moments of enlightenment….very simple but making a huge difference; to her anyway. A bit like the family menu. Less complaints and attempted negotiations when they know what’s coming.

We’ve had more Christmas preparations this week. My extremely clever 5 year old boy made this…

Now then. Yes, I could have sat with him one-to-one and showed him how to sew a button on properly, but really…well, I couldn’t. I was trying to help both Keziah and Zachary cut, sew and stuff their denim hearts, while trying to convince Joseph that I really couldn’t help him knit a big blanket right now and instead settle for ‘being a Witch’ (his favourite role play game at the moment). While trying to drink -and enjoy- a hot coffee (not choosing my moments well here). And I think everyone was whining. Oh, my ears! Rafi was having a nap but I had the feeling that wasn’t going to last much longer. The stress levels were a little high! I’ve decided I spend far too much of my life in a state of fight-or-flight. So I’m making more effort to do things I enjoy, like read and knit (Have I said this before? I have a sense of de-ja vu). I’ve been up early every morning this week. Rafi wakes me early to feed, but rather than trying to doze off again with him, I’m accepting it as a positive opportunity to start the day early and start the day well…and it’s a good thing. When the older kids wake, they’ve more often found me up, showered, dressed and knitting in my bedroom armchair (with a hot cup of tea; heaven). Yes, that’s how I like life to be. .

I’m getting there with the doll I’m making. I will show you it when I’ve finished…unless it looks as ridiculous as the last one, in which case I might not!

Monday was as close to a perfect day as they come. We went out pretty soon in the morning and had a great day at Puxton Park. It’s good to get out for the day on a Monday, I’ve decided. There was lots of the usual outdoor fun to be had…

After a LONG wait for any teeth to fall out, they started falling a couple of months ago (thank the Good Lord it was Keziah’s tooth that fell out first!) and now, we have both of them with Wobblies. (By the way, I LOVE the tooth fairy thing!) I’ll wobble yours if you wobble mine….

And can you just notice the matching head warmers, please. Knitted by my fair hand. No one else on the planet will have knitted their children such headwarmers with this wool. So, if you see three children wearing these, you know it’s us!

Then the kids played for ages in the cafe play area while Rafi slept in the pram and I smugly read my book…for about 45 minutes. Lush.

Anyway, back to the sewing.

We made the denim hearts and stars for the Christmas tree at Matt’s workplace, which we had been invited to come and decorate (fools!)

So that was Tuesday’s adventure. Matt had booked us in when there were no clients in the office. Words were said on the car journey, explaining about the office workplace and people working quietly. It was fine and I think we brought some sparkle to the office…certainly we brought sparkle to Matt’s day.

And this week, Keziah and Zachary had their first Ice Skating experience. Oh so much excitement about this! They had a great time. There are now apparently aids to help young skaters, unlike my day when you just had to shuffle round the edge, holding on for dear life. I haven’t moved on much from this point so Matt took them. He’s a good skater (Unlikely, I know!)



So, I stayed home with the younger two and let Joseph do this….

So I could do this…


I’ll leave you now. Celebrations are about to begin for a very special girl who is 7 this weekend. Simple, small celebrations, but Oh we are excited! 


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