what we’re enjoying this week 16


This year, I’m unusually organised with present buying for Christmas. I wanted December to be full of Advent. Getting ready. Making, singing, story telling. So that’s a little of what we’ve been up to this week.

The Autumn table has thankfully made its exit, making room for the Advent table….


And our much loved and much played with Nativity Scene…

I am very attached to this Nativity set. It was bought for Keziah’s birthday by one of her Godmothers and, shortly after she turned three, she started playing with the little characters. It was her first role play and she seemed to leap off a diving board into a new phase of development and has barely stopped playing with little people and dolls since. She has loved its return this week. The peoples’ paint is very chipped….they have been well loved! Some of the stories made up with the characters of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Shepherds and Kings are delightfully hilarious. At least they usually have their ‘proper names’ now. They spent their first couple of years with names inspired by CBeebies programmes (the family shame!)

We have enjoyed opening advent calendars but I have to confess to, so far, failing miserably to read the appropriate Bible story, it’s sitting there looking very pretty. I promise myself it will be read this week.

We’ve enjoyed walking and sticks..

And baking nothing very Christmassy….My Dad used to make these for us, but I must thank my friend Gillian for reminding me they exist! Mars Bar crispy buns. They are delicious. Lush. The ‘Rich Man’s’ chocolate crispy bun. Forget the cooking chocolate or even Dairy Milk. Mars Bars are where it’s at. 

It’s quite difficult not to eat 20 in one sitting. Be warned.

Speaking of food, I tried to spice up the family menu last weekend. I made Tacos; with Quorn mince, guacamole, cheese, roasted peppers, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, soured cream, salsa. You know, all those things kids love (what was I thinking?!). I fully expected it to go down like a lead balloon. And it did. But Matt and I enjoyed it 🙂

And Rafi! I think he had his in a wrap to make it easier to hold. No salsa!

So we are, I’d say, almost fully in the Christmas Spirit, and our hands are busy…


I cut up an old pair of jeans for these. Thank you Karen for the idea!

And I am still loving reading my first ‘smelly old book’.

Wishing you all a good week.





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