what we’re enjoying this week 15

We’re on the move….

With a successful new ballet class for Keziah. She has waited so long for a ballet class, trying a couple before but them not quite working; being too difficult to juggle with everything else. She really loves ballet (like me!) and I’m hopeful this will be a great new addition to her week. New ballet shoes means dreaded sewing of elastic for me…as a rule, I hate sewing. I’m rubbish at it and it makes me cross! I only had a thin spindly needle, with no thimble (I’m sure you’ve bought me one, Mum; sorry I don’t know where it is!) and plasticky yucky thread….but needs must for a budding ballerina and I got there in the end, spitting and muttering under my breath….

And a successful new football club for Zachary this morning.

Yey for active groups! After a lot of searching, these are steadily coming along. Without school and in a new city, these groups seem even more desirable, as places to make friends. So now we have swimming, ballet and football. Tick, tick, tick.

And this little boy is going to be a mover! His rolling will soon become commando crawling I think. He’s already lifting his bum, trying to move around…

We’ve had some really lovely moments this week. A couple of mornings, the eldest three have played beautifully, building dens in the house…

Or even playing in the bath!

On both occasions, they all played together for ages, which is blissful for me! I love listening to them and it’s nice not having to referee any squabbles that might be getting out of hand.

Yesterday morning, I listened to them play in the bath and took advantage of the chance to read and rest….after a very bad night sleep with Rafi. He may be teething or may just get cold in the middle of the night. I’m not sure; but whatever it is, he just wants to come in bed with me and nuzzle from about 3am. So rest was needed.

I bought a few beautiful old books from the second hand bookshop at our local National Trust place. They were 50p or £1 each and are gorgeously old and smelly and I’m determined to read them all. I recognised a couple of them, others are new to me but sounded like a good old read. I’m using my iPad a lot to read blogs…which has become a lovely part of life….but there’s nothing like a good old book! Here are the new additions…

You can’t see the first one…it’s Sense and Sensibility, which I’ve never read (or seen the film). I’m starting with Winds of the Day, by Howard Spring. Never heard of it but I love it’s bright green colour and the first few pages are a lovely read. Have you read any of these?

One of our highlights of the week was, after buying these books, the children came to sit with me on a circular picnic bench in the courtyard. I had parked myself there, with my new books, while they played nearby. They wanted to pretend to be Mummy and each sat ‘reading’ one of the above books. We sat there for a good half hour, swapping and comparing, commenting and reading a little of these books. Zachary enjoyed spotting words he recognised and has since been fascinated with these ‘smelly old books’ as we call them! I helped him learn a random and rather complicated sentence, which he was very proud of. I read a lot to all the children but have not pushed at all for him to read these last few months, waiting for him to be ready and interested and motivated..knowing, as a mother does, that he wasn’t quite ready. It takes courage to wait but I have. And this week, I have seen the first sparks of interest and motivation. These I’m sure will ebb and flow, but I will tell everyone he learned to read with William the Conqueror!

The sketching was another highlight this week.

And Monday morning… some camping play in pyjamas, followed by tea and chocolate cake…I am enjoying breaking the rules of life (why don’t we eat cake at 10am?)!

And Rafael is loving tucking into his food!

You can spend a lot of money home educating your children! Well, I’m enjoying two new crucial investments….  A very warm coat and a very good flask!


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