Early on Sunday morning, I was pondering how to help the kids with drawing, having very limited skills myself. They enjoy drawing but can regularly become frustrated if their picture/object doesn’t look as they want it to. Shouting ‘it’s rubbish!’, screwing up their paper, that sort of thing. They believe that their own and others’ drawing is either good or bad and listen too carefully to each other’s comments and opinions. This hasn’t come from us….we treat everything they do as a masterpiece! Our encouragement to just enjoy drawing and making, to play with it and enjoy the process seems to fall on deaf ears.

So, I decided they needed to see me drawing, struggling, practicing, improving….and enjoying it. I felt in the mood for some sketching. I did a couple of very informal drawing seminars over the summer and learned some principles for drawing faces. I really enjoyed it and, while drawing is something that doesn’t come naturally, I realised I can learn some skills, improve and actually enjoy it! I particularly enjoyed drawing faces and it helped me appreciate the individuality of each person and how wonderfully and differently we are all made!

The kids really enjoyed me drawing them. I think they liked the attention and I used it as an opportunity to shower them with some love and praise. The older two sat still for ages and then joined in and drew some pictures of me and Matt. Here are a few of our masterpieces…

I love the crossed legs on that one!

Daddy’s head is the easiest to draw….

I feel a bit embarrassed sharing my sketches….because I have in my own head ‘they’re rubbish!’ (Don’t tell the kids I said that). But honestly blogging and all that. Who knows, I might share some more in a few months and they will be more realistic! Although it’s clearly not my primary gifting, or even close, I was quite pleased with them. There was something about each one that did actually resemble the child.

It was a lovely activity to be doing so early on a Sunday morning. I had to really look at their faces to draw them. It surprised me that I don’t have more detail of their faces imprinted in my mind. We look at each others’ faces all the time, but we don’t often really look at each other in that much detail. I encourage you to have a go with your loved ones.  


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