What we’re enjoying this week 14

After a lovely long weekend spending time with family and friends back in Yorkshire, Matt has been off work for most of the week so we’ve all had more time together. Some days have been slow, others jam packed full of activity….Thursday was the latter. We had a slower start and made that mistake of inviting the kids to watch a film on the iPad while we got things ready to leave the house. The transition from watching media to coming back to the real world is never easy but everything seemed magnified on Thursday….everyone seemed to be having a meltdown about something….missing wellie socks, ill-fitting jumpers, not wanting to get dressed at all. Then, when we seemed to be getting near to the point of leaving the house, the knock at the door reminded me that I’d arranged our food delivery to come!

Well, we finally left the house without anyone seriously injuring anyone else..and made it to the stables, where a friend keeps her horses. Helping to groom them was a first for us all. The kids loved it, in differing amounts. Everyone loved the grooming and feeding and leading them to their fields. There were mixed responses to the couple of (friendly) dogs hanging out there. Our kids are so different in many ways and I am always in awe of that. I know nothing about horses…I have the MuckBoot wellies and that’s about it! All the gear; no idea. So, it was such a treat to have someone teach the kids a bit about them.

Keziah was particularly in her element!

I made a ‘note to self’ that looking after animals is not comfortable work…it was freezing!

I absolutely insisted that we needed to go to Starbucks to warm up before heading to the museum. Warm coffee!

We had our first trip to the @t bristol museum, which was fab! It’s a science museum which is great for children. Well, I presume it is aimed at children, although it’s fun for everyone. Museums just seem to do much better these days at being interesting for young people and get that most people don’t learn by just reading information….and touching and doing things is fun! I left my camera in the car (doh!) but we took a couple of snaps with Matt’s phone. They don’t do the museum justice at all…there is so much to do there. The kids want to go back now! Oh, and they do discounts for home educating families..yes please 🙂 

This was the construction area….we also made animated films, experienced ‘being in the womb’ (my favourite of course), made hot air balloons fly, tried out the Archimedes Screw, did a 3D internal organs jigsaw puzzle and watched food decay. From afar, I watched an eyeball dissection, but mentioned nothing of it to the kids…wasn’t sure how that would go down…or maybe I was just being a wuss! We missed the Planetarium show but will go back another day for that.

Our busy day was nicely rounded off with a trip to a shopping centre so I could try on some coats (searching for a very warm winter coat that will last me a while!) and a pizza restaurant. Yummy….even Rafi enjoyed his pizza! 

The slower bits of our week have been pretty normal for us….lots of craft. Lolly sticks, polystyrene balls…within hours of returning home, the floor looked like this..

And the table…

And my clean hand towel…

I’ve had a lovely day and been power reading this book . I don’t find much time for reading, although I love it. But every so often I find a book I really want to read and delve right in. I’ve been feasting on it today, knowing there’s not much spare time around here! And it’s making for some interesting discussion in the home.

See you soon friends x




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