what we’re enjoying this week 13

Our greatest fun and greatest learning, as usual, has happened in the great outdoors this week…

We had a trip to the seaside…a sandy one…last weekend. Sand and water are both great to play with, and even better when combined…



And a lovely day out at Blaise Castle, making the most of the fabulous playground there…as I watched them play and joined in a little, I amused myself imagining this was our physics lesson. Certainly, there is much value in imparting knowledge to children (when they’re ready for it), but how much deeper I think they will receive and remember it when they have already experienced it…



Back home to do our new puzzle. They wanted to finish it ‘before daddy gets home’. I really am not at my best being rushed (understatement of the year, Rach). This would have been far more enjoyable for everyone if I’d managed to persuade them we should do it slowly!

Everyone wants to put the last piece in….negotiation skills!

Mummy, let me show you how I can fold this tissue…Look, I can make squares!….now I can make a rectangle! I’m sure there’s a lot of maths genius going on in there…not that I want to pigeon hole anyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Zachary chose a Horrible Histories magazine last week so we’ve been reading that…lots of toilet humour which goes down well! It certainly makes History more appealing for the 5 year old boy.

Stories are still a plenty in our household. We are loving the library and have a great turnover of books going through.

The big two have started a weekly swimming lesson with a home education group. The pool are giving the lessons for the same price as a school group, so they are a bargain at about £1.50 per child and we are all enjoying getting to know some other home ed families. I’ve had some lovely chats with other home ed mums this week and it has lifted me considerably! What a difference it makes to meet other families in similar situations, or those who have gone before you, to have empathy and receive encouragement. 

That, and some lovely trusted friends who I know quickly responded to my text cries for prayer. Simply, ‘I’m really struggling, please pray for me’ and they did. This week has been so different to last, not hugely in our circumstances or environment but in my spirit….I have felt held in prayer, known hope, patience and joy even in the challenging moments…thank you ladies.

And I think I m starting to make friends ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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