baby led weaning

Well the time has come for our baby Rafael to move on from his milk-only diet. He turned 6 months old this week and, although I started weaning much earlier with our elder two children, with Joseph I left it later and tried baby led weaning…and was converted! There’s a great website here for more information on baby led weaning….it’s really all about letting the baby feed himself, rather than putting food into his mouth. They learn to chew before swallowing, not the other way round. And you can give them (mostly) whatever you’re eating as a family so it’s an easier, more sociable way for them to start enjoying food. 

I think it creates happier eaters because they are in control. It’s great for their use of motor skills but is very messy! Joseph has generally been a much more adventurous eater than the older two…though now, age 3, he’s having a break from that to do the usual independent trying-to-survive-on-biscuits-when-I-can-find-them. Grrrr to young children who won’t eat their meals then whine about being hungry!

I have to confess to being a little sad that this stage has come for Rafi. It signifies him growing up a bit and, although babies are adorable and in some ways much more enjoyable in the next six months, I grieve the passing of the early months….and, well (can I say this out loud?) I don’t want his poo to stop being milky poo! Milky poo is so lovely isn’t it (only to the mother of course, any other baby can keep his milky poo to himself)? And food poo is everything but lovely. 

Here’s how we got on..slowly…this week. We started simply with some banana and pear pieces…very slippy though!


That got a bit boring so we dived in head first with a chicken and roasted pepper wrap…what the rest of us were having. This was much easier for him to hold. Wraps are great as you can stuff all sorts into them..

 He tried a lemon and raisin pancake at one point too. I mashed some banana into it to help him eat the banana without it slipping out of his fingers. 

I need to read up for some recipe inspiration. Any ideas welcome…:-)



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