What we’re enjoying this week 12

It all started so well; still giddy from The Hair Cut, raring to go with my new idea for a morning routine…have some 1-1 focussed learning time with each of the eldest two, while the other plays with Joseph. Winner for all three of them. Had them on side and fully debriefed with promise of a STICKER! Monday morning went stupendously well; Rafi had a massive nap, each of the big two played gorgeously with Joseph while the other worked with me in a focussed and positive fashion. Matt popped home at lunchtime and found a rather smug pleased-with-herself Rachel. So Monday morning was something like this..

And then I’m not really sure what happened…and I don’t have any photos to remind me. I forgot to pick up the camera, or lost consciousness or something. I think there was some happy playing, some ‘Lapbook-ing’, there was a lot of sibling fighting, I know there was significantly more iPad and there were definitely tears…mostly mine. But this is supposed to be a post about what we’re enjoying this week, so erm…I know we have definitely enjoyed trees. 

We had a lovely visit, thankfully on the most beautiful day this week, to Westonbirt Arboretum. A place of true beauty, The Place of Trees, I think I would call it. It’s massive and we were clock watching not to miss an appointment, unfortunately, but we will definitely go back for a full day. The kids had a wonderful time exploring all those trees…

The idea was to collect many leaves for our nature table at home; spend time identifying them, drawing them, rubbing them, displaying them in some grand fashion. But we got so carried away climbing and exploring (I say ‘we’, I mean ‘they’ obviously; I was breastfeeding on a bench) that we only collected about 3 leaves…yes 3! 

About 36 hours later, I pulled these precious three leaves from their carrier bag and gave them to Joseph at the table. I needed an emergency activity for him while I tried to cook tea, feed Rafi, tidy up, save the nation….and stop him baking!! Maybe he would like to stick them onto paper and make a ‘picture’? No, he would like to cut them into tiny pieces.

We collected more conkers too, but I’ve just remembered they’re still in the pram pocket.

So, in the name of honestly blogging, I will show you what our nature table currently looks like…

The massive pile of leaves were all collected in one lump last Sunday and promptly plumped onto the table, where no one has paid them any attention since. I’ve no idea of the significance of the plastic cone…dumped there by someone. I wanted to take it off the photo, I really did. But this week, I have no beauty or inspiration of my own, so we will just have to do humour. 

Much of the children’s ‘play’ at the moment seems to involve tying things up with pieces of wool. I’m trying not to read too deeply into it (Mum, I feel so trapped!) I think and hope it’s inspired by the Chipmunks film they love to watch, where one of the chipmunks is lowered on a piece of something to reach the treasure. They love to act this out. So Keziah spends ages lowering all sorts of little people to do all sorts of jobs and bungee jumping type activities. But they’ve all got the bug with this wool tying up thing and we find toys tied up all over the place. Or big plastic whales dangling down the stairs…’Mum, you’re supposed to be scared!’ Or even ‘spiders webs’ around the kitchen…

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. As I said, there is minimal record of this week on film, and it will soon hopefully be erased from memory.

Well, let’s finish on a happy note….with a happy photo. I think I may do a weekly ‘this moment’ photo from now on, inspired by Soulemama of course….and many others with similar ideas. So let this be the first of many happy moments to remember…

Isn’t life wonderful…..Hope your week has been better than mine 🙂 


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