All About Me

I’d heard about Lapbooks from a couple of different people in the Home Ed world. They quite possibly use them in schools as well. They seem to be a more creative and interesting way to record learning, an alternative to sheets of paper in a file…and something that uses less storage space. After a bit of Googling and YouTube-ing, we have started one. I thought a project about ourselves would be an easy place to start. I’m sure one could make an amazing Lapbook about Egypt but lets not get ahead of ourselves now! 

You start with a large piece of card. I think this is A2…

Fold the edges into the centre…

And inside you can do what you want…

These have since been filled in with some of our body measurements…

Keziah has written a little book all about ballet, which she loves…

Zachary has really enjoyed drawing and labelling some of his body parts to go in an envelope. Guess what this is..?

Did you guess?

And is compiling a little book about his favourite dinosaurs..

It’s been fun and a much more interesting way to learn than those workbooks! I’d like us to do one about Autumn this month, but the clock is ticking now and December should definitely be focussed on Christmas!

I’ll keep you posted.


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