bonfire night


This is the closest I’m getting to a bonfire tonight. 

Do you find that, if you try and hide somewhere in the house for a bit of peace and rest, the kids sniff you out? Mine do. 

They can (sometimes) play and amuse themselves for ages if I’m busy doing something, but stop for a minute, sit down with that cup of tea, open the newspaper, stare at the wall…and they want me!

I took myself upstairs for a bath….a candlelit bath….as soon as Matt arrived home from work tonight. It has been one of those days….

I enjoyed a few minutes alone….bliss. Perfectly hot water, gorgeously scented candles. Breathe. Think. How can I make tomorrow easier?

In comes one child…’oooooh, what’s this, Mum? Can I come in?’ No time to answer. Clothes off.

In comes another one….’oooooh, what are you doing? Can I join you?’ Clothes off.

It was quite nice to share it with them really….and then Rafi got up from his nap and he came in the bath too. And we had a gorgeous cuddle and feed in the bath. What a treat.

Feeling much better now and continuing to indulge my senses…

Maybe today wasn’t so bad after all….

This is the best thing you will EVER smell…The White Company, Wild Mint (Ignore the hole in the beautiful pot; kids broke it).

But if you spend too long writing your blog post….

It’s bonfire pizza! 


I usually love bonfire night; getting wrapped up to stand around a fire, the pie and peas, bonfire toffee, sparklers, apple bobbing, beautiful firework displays. But I’ve not got any Mojo for it this year…not with a baby. Matt did a litte fire pit on Saturday. Sparklers, marshmallows, hotdogs. I think we’ve got away with that this year.

One day my photographs will not have any plastic tat in the background.

I think they enjoyed it….. I lay on the sofa and read the paper!

Thankfully we have an amazing view from the upstairs of our house and have watched fireworks from there tonight.

Hope you have enjoyed your bonfire night, whatever you’ve been doing…



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