what we’re enjoying this week 11


It’s LegoLand in our house at the moment. There never seem quite enough bricks to build what they want and many disputes about who’s last construction to sacrifice for the extra bricks. Our home looks nothing like any magazine you might buy, instead being heavily decorated with Lego masterpieces around the fireplace and on every surface…it gets everywhere as I discovered when I opened my lip balm this week….

Another idea I used this week was making a marble run using Lego…. We’d never thought of this before and it brought something new and fresh to the usual building of objects…

I did a mini one first to inspire them…

I am one inspirational woman 🙂 

We only got these bigger Lego base plates this week…I think I ordered them after seeing the marble run idea. Actually they’re very useful, if a little flimsy, and help to contain the plastic stuff! 

They enjoyed testing my skills, and we worked together on how we could make it more difficult for Daddy when he got home!


We had a quick trip to the beach this week, with Matt. I’m not brave enough to take them all on my own yet…not with a babe in arms. Too many health and safety issues! But Matt finished early one day so I encouraged us out the door, with only about an hour of daylight left. It was windy and rainy and the tide was in….but they loved it. We all did. The sounds of the sea and crunching pebbles under foot would help bring peace to the weariest of souls. And this soul has been very weary this week. Night times have been very broken these last few days with feeding babe, getting very ready for solid food (counting the sleeps now) and a poorly Joseph with raging temperatures (why always at its worst in the middle of the night?). We will make it through, but I feel like I could do with a dip in the sea to wake me up!

His first trip to the seaside…

We treated ourselves to a pub tea on the way home…let the kids watch a film on the iPad while waiting for their tea, much to the amusement of others around, and then had a little drive (you know this trick, parents!)….yes, we managed to transfer four asleep children into their beds with no wakers. Result! We did a little high five, put the dishwasher on for the night and went to get some sleep ourselves.


Those masks I cut out last week have been decorated….



We just need to tie wool round the back to fix them on…there’s a theme of unfinished projects around our house! Which reminds me, that doll house is still sitting, under shelter, in the garden waiting for a second coat of paint! We all love starting projects in our house and can be really indisciplined about finishing….but those things waiting to be finished are always at the back of the mind, tapping away at your sense of peace and rest. Maybe we should dedicate a week to finishing things we’ve started. I wont promise it here in writing though…

We have downloaded a David Attenborough (insects) series on the iPad and I was trying to have a week of watching one every afternoon. Knowing it was half term for everyone else made me want something different ourselves this week. A break of some sort…a break from all that playing, it’s exhausting!! We made it through two of them, but only just. It’s quite grown up stuff really. The visuals are fascinating and they enjoy it, but it’s difficult to hear the narration and answer their constant questions about what’s happening! Perhaps tigers would be easier to watch.

 By the middle of the week, I’d given up on that and we were watching a film instead….’Epic‘…well, it is a forest story. Great film, by the way, if you want a recommendation for the family. The Slug and Snail are hilarious and there are many imitations going on in our household.

And we’ve started a little Topic work….’All About Me’. I wanted something easy for our first Lapbook – a creative way of recording information. But I will post about that separately. There I go making promises again!

Hope you and yours have enjoyed some moments this week. A quick post from me….I’m off for that long-awaited, much-needed Hair Cut….zip a di do da, zip a di ay…my oh my it’s Saturday!


2 thoughts on “what we’re enjoying this week 11

  1. How lovely to pop into your blog! (I saw the link on the email list) It looks as if your home ed. journey has got off to a brilliant start. So nice to see your family enjoying some of our favourite familiar places. See you Friday.

  2. Oh, to have half of your creative flair…

    You are doing a great job, Rachel. Maybe see you Friday. I’m hoping my neighbour will come along.
    She was raised in America and grew up in homeschooling. She was intending to homeschool but
    lost her confidence after a nasty shock earlier in the year… some of her American friends are
    encouraging her to ignore cliques and reconsider.

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