what we’re enjoying this week 10

We’ve enjoyed lots of outdoors again this week. I’m finding the weather forecast on my phone to be rather more pessimistic than the reality, so ignoring it more. And the kids have put signs on the inside of our front door reminding me to ‘take the camera’ so that’s helped!

One of my favourite moments this week, was going swimming with the big two on Monday night. Matt stayed home to put Rafi to bed and bake with Joseph. We had been in nearly all day, I felt wrecked and needed to get out…and I made the right decision! I love swimming with them; they are so full of life and it’s wonderful to watch their confidence grow. There were some great big belly laughs as they played together and took turns swimming under my legs. Starbucks is on the way home, so we called in for a hot chocolate (in their pyjamas!)

It a salted caramel hot chocolate….skinny but with cream (it makes sense to me!). I’ll be fighting Matt for the swimming option from now on!

The kids had two big full days at the Zoo this week. One with Matt and visiting grandparents, which left me and Rafael having a blissfully quiet few hours. Rafi is waking in the night for feeds again, leaving me a little more tired….OK, a lot more tired. I had a lovely doze on the sofa and did lots of reading with tea and biscuits.

The next day, I took them back to the Zoo again. It’s such a great place and we’ve got membership now, so can go as often as we like. We will get our money’s worth I can tell you! It’s a lovely spacious place with farm animals too, and lots of nice play areas. They enjoyed some of the world’s greatest toys on Thursday….


 and hay….

Here’s a taster…

(Not a real cow!)

Trampolines are great aren’t they? The previous day, Grandma counted Keziah do 800 jumps!

Anyone want to feed the Meerkats?

Sorry, I wasn’t brave enough!

We’ve found an incredible hollow tree trunk to play in nearby….providing lots of climbing and crawling opportunity. Great fun to be had…

Yes, yes…you are the King of the Castle….

No, I can’t get you down…

Enjoy the power…

And these arrived….

So we’ve been doing some of this…

(I know, we wear pyjamas a lot!)

I hope you’ve had a good week too, and if it applies, have a fun and restful half term….We will be steering clear of the crowds and hopefully cracking on doing something with that new stationary…

Oh…and Rafi has found his feet 🙂


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