fairy cakes

The kids had their first attempt at baking without me. I had prepared for this with a very simple instruction list and list of ingredients. In fact, they only needed the measurements of ingredients and remembered the rest. I sat opposite and watched, offering advice if needed, but committed myself to being hands-off…

Keziah did a great job of weighing ingredients..

They all helped with the mixing…

An there was a LOT of this…

The most difficult part, which I didn’t anticipate was diving the mixture into bun cases. Its a fiddly job, difficult for young fingers. Sitting back and watching them at this point was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life….

After practising slow breathing for 5 minutes, I have to confess to ever-so-slightly getting involved to help out…

They did marvellously well!

My only job was Chief Taster…

Next week, Macaroons!


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