big night in

I stayed up a bit late on Thursday night…with a very tired husband sleeping soundly and an unusual amount of energy and motivation myself, I spent a lovely couple of hours reorganising our craft area. It was an easy job to start tackling, after my Angel had been, leaving a clean, clear table and one big pile of left-over pictures to sort out. I started by just sorting out this pile into ‘file away’, ‘to be finished’ and ‘recycling’ (bin!). But, as can so easily happen when one is left alone with music… 

one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was soaking jars in the sink….

And peeling off the labels, which I find come into two categories of very-easy and very-frustratingly-difficult. I seemed to have a plethora of the latter….well, what do you expect if you buy jars of 28p jam? 

Anyway, most of them look lovely now..


Oooo, I wish I’d taken that photo differently with those big ugly scissors and Pritsticks at the other end of the line! 

Forgive me.

I’m afraid I’ve been feeding the Amazon Giant a lot lately and they have chopped down several trees just to make cardboard boxes for my deliveries. I LOVE deliveries! Very large card (what for, I hope you will soon find out), lots of paper and good quality pencil sharpeners and scissors (after watching a YouTube clip of an American homeschooling mum making something I’m trying to learn about….I need some of those scissors! You can enjoy your manicured nails, though, that’s not happening here.) 

Where stationary is concerned, we have learned to value quality. It makes such a difference, for kids included, to use quality goods that actually work. So far, I would heartily recommend Staedtler. Their pencil crayons are fab (pictured above), creating excellent colour with leads that don’t easily break and pencils that don’t roll off the table (can you hear that sound?)! Following high recommendations on Amazon, there’s no looking back.

After reorganising, I spent a little time prepping for a craft activity on Friday, inspired by another blog (am I supposed to link it here? Not sure of the blog etiquette….anyway, not passing it off as my own idea!)

When they were painted, a couple of them fell apart too easily, but hopefully I will have some finished products to show you soon…

I enjoyed myself enormously….and there wasn’t even a glass of wine involved!



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