what we’re enjoying this week 9

When I think about what the kids have really enjoyed this week, for the elder two, it is this…

A massive pile of coloured card that arrived last weekend. Delighted! We are going through a lot of stationary, but they do so love making. My picture of idyllic is using watercolours and natural crayons, but what do they love? Card, felt tips, glue, stickytape! I collect the leftovers, the cut offs and put them in a separate basket to be used up, but it’s never an easy task to encourage them to use it. They always want a fresh piece don’t they? 

Yesterday was a lovely day. The elder two played so amazingly all day. It started with their idea to recreate the sports day from school last summer…they set to making themselves and other significant people out of the coloured card and this hive of craft activity was interspersed with role play and using toys for other props. They crafted and played to their hearts content for about 6 hours! Even lunch…which I provided on stools at the breakfast bar so we didn’t have to clear the table of crafting….was eaten while talking to the card people, reassuring them of their soon return. The game continued upstairs and they would occasionally reappear in a different outfit to make some more or put music on and dance with their card children. It only ended because they heard the sound of Chipmunks on the iPad…it was film afternoon.

After the film, they played some more…

I spent most of the morning playing with Joseph. Rafael had a massive sleep which helped. Joseph is really getting into his role play and he loves me to join in. There’s usually a parent and baby theme. Often he is the parent and I’m the baby…I love ‘nap time’ but that ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ comes too soon! We also made some chocolate fairy cakes which were dreadful and burnt on top…but can always be rectified with some icing…

I’ve written out the fairy cake ingredients very simply in the hope of teaching them to be able to do it themselves. But weighing might be tricky. Even Joseph could remember ‘125’ grams but we have digital scales and the younger ones would struggle to know if they’ve put too much or too little in. So that will need a bit of help. Joseph was admiring a picture of some old weighing scales in a recipe book….’I want one of those!’ I’m sure they would be fab to use or play around with so I may do some eBay-ing. The recipe book I’m referring to was actually one he had chosen for his bedtime story. Picture me if you will, sitting snuggled up with him in bed…

’50grams of self raising flour, 50 grams of raisins, a grated carrot….’ ‘yes, yes, and what else?’, he asks, face alight with imagining the culinary wonders before us…what a little gem he is.

I’ve noticed the kids make lots of patterns in their play, using toys or other props around the house…

And Joseph is still especially fascinated with pyramid shapes. Here’s how I found him the other day…

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon last weekend. Matt and I set the kids up watching a film (a gift to ourselves) while we chatted, read the newspapers….and I may have had a little doze on the sofa….;-) Then I got some crafting things out on the rug in front of the fire for them to make when the film finished. Matt’s letter cutting led to a lesson in symmetry with a mirror! Keziah made some pictures and I knitted. It was bliss! I think Joseph was snapping happy with my camera which I allowed for the sake of a knitting opportunity. I have lots of photos that need deleting now!

Home educating has helped us use opportunities to teach the kids and spend time answering their questions more. When they were at school, I found it easy to defer those learning opportunities, but now there’s no excuse! Given a nudge, Matt is a great teacher and I enjoy watching the kids learn from him. We have very different intelligences and are a really good team. Someone in our local home ed network posted an email with a ‘code breaking’ exercise….I think her husband is a maths/physics professor and so they are a family with lots of interest and enjoyment in code breaking. I showed the message to Matt and saw him light up a little and get excited….I, on the other hand, started to feel very tired and fidgety! I enjoyed maths at school and was good at rote learning…once you teach me how to solve an equation, I will happily do more…but I’m not someone who thinks mathematically or enjoys working out solutions. Give me a recipe to follow, a craft idea to copy, a pattern to knit, a dance routine to learn; happy, but I will struggle to create my own. Matt is also amazing at building and constructing…my only memory of design/technology class at school was of being reprimanded for tap dancing in the workshop! But give me a story to read to the children, a grammar exercise, a sick child who needs nursing, a blog to write, a homeless and hungry wanderer, someone greiving who needs a listening ear…and I’m in my element. So we are a good team.

We enjoyed some more outdoors this week…



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Enjoy your week…


2 thoughts on “what we’re enjoying this week 9

  1. I read recipe books in bed so tell Joseph he’s in good company there, he’ll turn out just fine. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your week with us, it’s so nice to see what you’ve all been up to. x

  2. Hey Rach, I am absolutely loving reading all about your adventures in homeschooling and just to see what you’re all up to! It all sounds amazing, I’m sure there are challenges but I have no doubt you guys are taking everything in your stride. You go girl 🙂 God bless you all x P.S. Have you come across the book ‘Thoughts to make your heart sing” by Sally Lloyd-Jones? We’re using it at the moment for our family devotional. Worth checking out 🙂

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