what we’re enjoying this week 8

A very late post, due to problems with my App…now sorted thanks to brilliant husband. So later than usual…

Playing….there has been lots and lots of playing.

And I’ve been dipping into this..

 It’s a book we’ve had since our first child was a baby…it’s a great book to dip in and out of and is very readable. It’s difficult to summarise as there’s so much information in it, but today’s summary can be this…..encourage your children to play, to spend lots of time outside, to go bare feet whenever possible and to have lots of pets…! I’m not sure what the author would think of my summary! I long for more time to read and research into child development. It’s a real passion. What I need, as well as living out these adventures is another life to spend reading and writing about it! 

Last week, we were indoors at home a lot and I knew we needed to spend more time outdoors this week. It’s a breath of fresh air, not only literally but within the dynamics of sibling relationships too. Everyone enjoys the adventure together! I get stuck on the sidelines a bit, with a baby at the moment, but I know it won’t be too long before he is also walking and running around and I’ve got my hands free again. I’m really enjoying using the moby wrap this time round. So much comfier than baby carriers I’ve used before, it does give me an element of ‘hands free’ – although not free to chase the kids like a bear (possibly their favourite thing EVER!) I like having him close to me a lot…


We’ve been to Blaise Castle Estate, Noah’s Ark Zoo farm and  Puxton Park. I finally remembered to take my camera out with us on Thursday!



I noticed that I’m always trying to get the kids to look at the animals, but they would far rather be doing this…

They don’t dislike animals, but I realised they prefer to be doing things than looking at things. Same here actually. Now, if I offered them a ride on a horse or donkey, that would be different! We are talking a lot about animals at the moment. As we search for and dream about what will be our next home, animals are definitely on the agenda. We started off hoping to have rabbits and chickens (eggs!) but even found ourselves reading up on keeping Shetland ponies, after admiring some at a local farm park. And I definitely want one of these….

The kids work well as a team when we’re out and about. They generally look out for each other, help each other and wait for each other. They make friends with others around them. They run and climb and find and dig and laugh and shout and discover. It’s good childhood stuff and I’m so happy they are feasting on it.

I’m still out jogging most mornings (5 out of 7 this week, I think) and enjoying the benefits. But, man, I am so tired in the evening. And being up early means going to bed early! A couple of evenings I’ve fallen asleep with the kids and not made it back downstairs until the next morning. One evening I said to Matt, ‘Im tired of being so sensible, I just want to stay up really late and knit for hours in front of the fire’! Yes, I laughed too when I realised what I’d said! 

We’ve enjoyed a bit more knitting this week. Keziah is really getting the hang of it. This project (a scarf for her bunny) is taking a while…it gets left on the sidelines for days or weeks even, but yesterday, she really got the hang of it and did a whole row on her own. She doesn’t have much more stamina than a row at a time but it’s early knitting days. I felt a surge of pride watching her really knit on her own, like the first days she began swimming alone. Those moments are so precious when you watch them really crack something.

Some other highlights of the week…

Monday morning had a theme of linking things together: 200 paperclips in a chain, most of the clothes in their drawers….

Some gorgeous ‘farm play’…


We made patterns with the letters….

Teaching my big girl to play ‘clock patience’. I remember my mum teaching me…:-)

Laughing my head off watching this…..

Not enough wind that day 🙂

Where Joseph is most likely to be found….

…made before 8am on Monday morning (with daddy)!


One thought on “what we’re enjoying this week 8

  1. I love that farm! With the fish just floating in the water…brilliant. Well done on the running. I stay up way too late (knitting, in front of the fire) and always regret it in the morning so you are much more sensible than me. x

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