what we’re enjoying this week 7

Saturday. And so, I can sit down unaccompanied, enjoy a good coffee and finally take the squashed raisin out of my shoe that’s been bugging me for two days.

We now have a seasonal nature table…


Does anyone know of a Jamie Oliver cookery school for preschoolers? Because that’s what we need! Still tolerating, and sometimes enjoying, the attempted baking! I welcome any ideas for how to use a large amount of mixed cinnamon and celery salt…

We have enjoyed some baking successes though. It was Zachary’s turn to enjoy baking with Mum on Monday night (with the bigger two swimming with Dad)… He wanted to make a cake using blackberries from the garden (at least my memory is that it was his idea!) so we used Tana Ramsey’s apple and banana cake recipe, subsitituting the apple and banana for pear and blackberries….and filling the middle with our homemade blackberry jam and whipped cream. Of course.

Is there a mathematical task more enjoyable than measuring ingredients for a cake??

The result was a success….

Enjoyed by all the returning swimmers….:-) Well, what better things are there to do at 8pm on a Monday night?!

The kids have been showing an interest in the Highway Code. Unpredictable, I know. So Matt downloaded pages of road signs and got a stash of paper plates and spent last Saturday making road signs with them. They are now on high alert spotting road signs whenever we are out in the car (and far too interested in the speed limit!). They loved the craft activity…

Another big hit craft activity this week was an idea I got from another blog. Permanent markers on tin foil. It works well if you stick the foil onto cardboard first. Of course, the table was protected and the pens are now hidden again! I had this ‘in the bag’ to pull out on a rainy day, and we’ve had a few of those this week. We had just been reading about Jonah and the Whale so used this story as a theme for our pictures. Then, they made some letter pictures and the elder two were very happy colouring for a long time, which meant I could go and help our little chef on his latest attempt. I can’t remember what it was but we did something uninteresting with a cauliflower instead. Here are the foil pictures anyway…

Can you spot my Jonah stuck inside the stripey fish? I highly recommend the activity, which makes a change from white paper and pens. The pens I bought are ‘Sharpies’ available on Amazon.

So far, we’ve had very little routine or structure to our days. This doesn’t bother me, I’m happy with a lot of spontaneity, but I expected some structure to come over time. I knew this would happen gradually though, rather than trying to have each day planned completely from the outset…an achievement I would find difficult. This week, I decided I wanted to start each day with some worship time with the kids. I expected this to be mostly in the form of musical worship but it did develop into reading the Bible together and praying with each other (pause for a moment to take this in, friends!) As with other activities, I’ve learned to just start doing it myself and inviting them to join me, rather than trying to enforce anything. And they have mostly just come alongside me to join in this week. It’s been a really good and joyful way to start our day and I am so pleased we managed it for 5 consecutive days (I knew I wouldn’t always feel like doing it and would need to make myself!) I enjoy sharing my faith with the kids and am content to go with the flow and let them take the lead sometimes. We have been using the children’s version of The Message, which uses contemporary language, although it’s American and I need to interpret a little. Each chapter has suggested activities too and we’ve sometimes followed these. Here is John the Baptist baptising Jesus…!

Five and six year olds really do challenge you with their questions! 

And before Matt goes to work, this week I have got my running shoes back on….! Oh, how much a little exercise makes a positive difference to both mind and body! Earlier in the week, I was struggling with feeling so ‘yucky’ most of the time. Most mums will relate to this postnatal phase! But the combination of being out of shape, having ill-fitting clothes, being covered in baby sick, baked beans and paint most of the time, not having had a haircut or highlights for about 6 months, and not wearing make-up was just getting a bit much. I said to Matt, ‘there’s only so much character building one woman can take!’ The past couple of months, I have found myself feeling so exhausted at the end of the day but hadn’t actually exercised at all…just lots of carrying, bending, crouching, sitting, standing around, lifting, wiping…and any walking only managed at just a snail pace! So it feels great to be active again! 

I’m not a natural runner. When I’m running, my body is usually trying to tell me I should be sitting in a comfy chair drinking tea! I mostly listen to music while I’m running and think about dancing which is what I’d far rather be doing. I jog a bit and walk a bit when I get tired, and walk up steep hills. It’s a bit higgledy piggledy, but it feels good when I’ve finished! And I’ve had much more energy in the days this week…..but I want to drop at about 5.30! That snuggle in bed with the kids at story time comes in handy!

Yesterday, we finally met some other families from a local Christian home education network. It was really refreshing to chat and find out a bit about how they do life and home school…curriculum, structure or not. It was just the beginnings of conversation but really positive to see other families making it work and loving life as home educating familes. 

I’ll leave you with a few other moments from the week…

One for the blog!…

I just love what kids sometimes do when they’re left to play…

Enjoy your weekend x



One thought on “what we’re enjoying this week 7

  1. I loved reading about your week. We went for a walk in the woods on Sunday and collected some “nature” which we brought home. We talked about what colours we could see. It was a lot of fun and made me think of you.

    And I’m sorry but the photo of playmobil John the Baptist and Jesus made me laugh! x

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