my Angel

I have a confession….I have a cleaner.
In the early weeks of our new house, knowing I would struggle to keep it clean with all the kids at home every day, I asked a friend to recommend a cleaner. She recommended a lady she knew to be a great one and very reasonably priced. For the purposes of this blog, I will call her Angel. After some discussion about hours and requirements, Angel started cleaning for us 3 weeks ago. She is a God-send, worth every penny.

In our first conversation, she actually said she is passionate about cleaning. I couldn’t believe my ears…this is the woman for me, I thought…I pursued her like a stalker until she agreed to come! She uses phrases like ‘get right in the corners’, ‘deep clean’ and ‘get carried away’. Go for it love, come on in, welcome, enjoy yourself, clean your heart out. And she does, for 4 hours. I think I love her.

I find it hard to describe just how messy our house gets at the moment, but I’m sure you can imagine some of it….paper, pencil shavings, paintbrushes dress the table, paper and card cut-offs on the floor, mating with the peas and spaghetti from the last meal. Theres always a few Shreddies left over from breakfast to find as I crunch crunch crunch my way round the house, books and Lego bricks scattered everywhere, cardboard box dens, clothes abandoned all over the house in favour of a new dressing up outfit, clothes waiting to be washed, clothes drying, wellies and crocs left in the middle of every room, coats dropped wherever they were taken off…not to mention the relentless pursuit of mixing ingredients from 3 year old, baby muslin cloths thrown around every corner in the hope of them being there at the appropriate moment (which of course they never are), baby sick puddles splattered wherever I’ve walked, used nappies waiting to go in the dustbin (I know, I’m embarrassed).

So Angel comes every week and works her magic (oh yeah baby!) and it’s the most wonderful gift to walk into. Floors swept and clear, clean sinks, bathrooms, surfaces. Things folded. It’s a different and more peaceful house to the one we left behind earlier in the day. I cant quite stop myself snapping to the kids to take off their shoes on the mat! I creep around as if browsing an antique shop….the kids make themselves at home.

As the week continues, of course we gradually lose that order and cleanness, but thank goodness we have it at some point. As I hear Matt upstairs reading and settling the kids into bed, I think I will just do a little dance around my tidy floor, thanking God for this amazing woman who takes so much joy (and a bit of cash ;-))in cleaning our home.


2 thoughts on “my Angel

  1. You’ve done the right thing – if you are at home full time with four children there is no way you can do housework around them. I like the sound of your Angel very much – it must feel amazing to walk back into that spotless home. 🙂

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