Today, the kids played a cute game. They had put the music from Toy Story 2 on, which I have on my phone. My daughter likes remembering what’s happening in the film while she listens to the music and they started acting out the scene….I think it’s one where Jessie is being rescued by Woodie, as they climb out of a plane…something like that.

It reminded me why I have got rid of the TV (again)…
Many of the pure unschool-ers (my current research obsession) are happy for their children to choose how they want to spend their time, all the time, and for some of them this includes unlimited access to tv, computer games, iPads etc. They will report that, because the children have so much freedom and nothing is restricted, they actually choose very well. They may have periods of time where they watch more media, but generally they don’t watch it all the time. While I can understand the theory of this, I just can’t go there.

My fear is that they really would spend many hours every day in front of the TV or iPad. I don’t have this fear with other activities, but there is something different about screens, isn’t there? It can be kind of addictive….we probably relate to this as adults. Once we’ve switched it on, it can be hard to switch off. And from experience, I know that my kids just play so much more when the choice for TV isn’t there. There’s nothing bad about tv in itself, but it’s what it stops you from doing…it stops you living life.

So, it was fab to see them act out this scene from Toy Story and reminded me why I don’t like much TV myself…..although we will occasionally get into a series, especially when I’m spending hours feeding a newborn, (Downton Abbey or anything midwifery related for me!), I don’t like to watch much….and I think it’s because I feel like I’m watching others live life rather than living it myself….I feel a bit left out of the fun!

But we are not total abstainers…it’s film afternoon tomorrow and we all look forward to that. It’s so nice to enjoy it as a treat rather than something we do every day and is usually combined with popcorn eating and snuggling together under a massive blanket. The last couple of weekends we’ve enjoyed watching something on a Sunday afternoon when Matt is around too….a nature documentary on insects one week (fascinating….have you ever seen slugs mating?! Google it!) and a film the next…’Marley and Me’ which I love….but I felt a bit bad as one of our boys really cried when the dog dies (along with me…it was a bonding moment!) But so good to enjoy a film that’s not a ‘kid film’…
Any recommendations for good family friendly films that are enjoyable for adults to watch too?


One thought on “screens

  1. I think it depends on the child and their attitude to screen time – some are indifferent while others watch for hours. It sounds like you’re doing what works for your family. Love the little lego houses on the mantle piece. x

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