what we’re enjoying this week 4

I feel like its been a slow week…that we haven’t really ‘done’ anything. There’s been no project work, nothing that would resemble a school classroom…but then I’m not really trying to achieve that. Perhaps I just feel a little disappointed for not having anything to show off on my blog! The kids have done lots of things that kids love this week….dressing up, baking, painting and more painting (mostly of that messy kind I showed you last week !), climbing at the playground, reading stories together, dancing around to music….

Feasting on Play…….Something I have enjoyed this week is watching my daughter play. As she gradually gets more used to having loads of free time again, it really is like she is feasting on it. She can entertain herself for hours, happily making up stories with little people and props. Any toys we have sorted into groups (happyland, play mobile, Lego, doll-house dolls, plastic Disney dolls, soft dolls…I really could get carried away) don’t stay that way for long. Their play isn’t limited to keeping their stories within the boundaries of my organisation. I’m now wondering why I bother to continually tidy them into separate baskets…purely for my own pleasure obviously. Anyway, it’s really lovely to watch and listen to her. She’s still mostly oblivious to me watching her and I’ll be sad if and when she wants to play only in her room. I still remember dancing around our living room, as a young girl, pretending I was performing to a crowd…then noticing my mum watching me through the hatch into the kitchen. I didn’t feel embarrassed but its the feeling of beginning to be aware of those around you watching and enjoying you. I guess it’s the start of empathy, which is a good thing, but there’s something a bit sad about children losing their blissful state of unawareness of those around them…..they seem to lose a bit of freedom. 

The dressing up box has been rediscovered and this seems to help them all play together somehow..less fighting, perhaps because they play out different roles rather than be themself. 

There’s been a lot of baking this week…some of it supervised, some of it not so. I came downstairs yesterday after enjoying a lovely phone call with a friend to find that the boys were in the middle of baking something. Their choice of ingredients wasn’t a bad one, but there was no measuring, no greasing of baking trays and probably not enough mixing. Anyway, I indulged them and let them bake their ‘cake’…

It almost looks like chocolate brownie, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled; it was ‘interesting’ we decided! Perhaps the currants were the defining ingredient..

I think the boys in particular would make and bake in the kitchen for most of the day. They love it! They’re always ready to help with stirring, mixing and chopping for mealtimes. It can be hard to celebrate because of so many hazards in the kitchen! But I want to encourage them in their passion for food, something I wholeheartedly share! And let’s face it, where sugar, butter and eggs are concerned, you can’t go far wrong, can you?

We even used the opportunity to do ‘repeated patterns’…. I think this officially counts as numeracy!

I’m still struggling to navigate a new city and find groups that we will all enjoy rather than be exhausted by! I’ve had some low moments this week and am missing friends. I want to really celebrate this season of living without the ties and demands of school, but also be honest with you about the reality. This week at times, I’ve wondered if I can do it….followed by thinking ‘oh heck, I’ve started writing a blog about this journey, I can’t give up already’! But I am motivated by the assumption that its got to be do-able. I believe we were created to live in family and community and that it must be do-able for everyone in our family to enjoy, grow and thrive in life outside of our culture’s created education system. It wasn’t ‘in the beginning’ after all….I’ve been enjoying reading a book about unschooling philosophy….I’d probably describe it as the far left of the spectrum on home education. But that’s probably for another post…..

Anyway, I’m just starting to connect with some others in the home ed world, as well as the church community we’re a part of, and will hopefully find a kindred spirit soon. It’s nice that loved ones are only a phone call away. But it will be nice when I can enjoy some friendships closer to home too. I need a bit of a boost of ‘refreshing people’ at the moment…a bit like a smoothie, a ‘hit’ of quick tasty energy!

Here’s a few moments from the week….

Making shapes with our food (child led learning!)…

Always a favourite….

Is it ready yet, Mum?…

And the prize for ‘hilarious moment of the week’ goes to our 3 year old who, in protest about having sweet potato for tea, put ‘The Menu’ on the time-out-step! …

And someone who we all enjoy…..he has started rolling over this week! Every new day, whether he is doing new things or seemingly just as he was yesterday, he is delighted in and enjoyed by all of us. The beauty of babies! He does lighten our lives so much 🙂 


Blessings to you all and thanks for sharing my journey…



3 thoughts on “what we’re enjoying this week 4

  1. Rach, it’s great reading about your journey & I’m loving your posts & pictures – keep them coming! Praying for you this week. 🙂 I hope it’s a great one of settling, fun & friendship. Love you lots. xxx

  2. So lovely to read about your week and see photos of your gorgeous children. Give them all kisses from me!

    I love the way you introduce learning into everything, but in such a fun and creative way. Great to see your boys in the kitchen too, I hope that they never tire of that type of learning. xx

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