what we’re enjoying this week….3

Busy Bodies….Our week has been quite mix and match. A bit messy, but that was expected as we hadn’t planned our home-time. I go with the flow a lot. The flow this week led us to looking at our digestive system in a book about bodies that we own. After looking at the diagram and following the food through the system – with a little role play of course – I got the kids to draw round me on a big sheet of paper and we filled in some of my internal parts! It was nice that this all happened spontaneously, led by their genuine interest. The photo isn’t very clear but it was fun…and there’s lots more pages of the book to work through…..

Guess what the favourite job was…..

Again!….we’ve had lots of stories and books this week. We all love a good snuggle and story time on the sofa. Mostly, I read to them, sometimes they read to each other. One day this week, my daughter read 8 books in a row to her littlest brother, bless her. Their requests for the same stories over and over again demonstrate how children learn through repetition. My instinct is often to give them a variety, but I remind myself that reading one book several times as requested is good for their growing minds. We joined our local library and the kids were all SO excited by this I felt quite bad for not having taken them for so long (but when I accumulated a £26 fine a few years ago, I gave up on the whole thing!). Start again. 

Their chosen books were a mixture of fiction stories and factual books about things they’re interested in…Egypt and Pirates at the moment. So hopefully they will lead us nicely into some light topic work. They jointly built a ‘pyramid’ out of duplo together this week – their idea – which was a gorgeous moment of sibling team work…. Their finished work was wonderful but not actually a pyramid….a flat one, whatever that’s called (I’ll ask my Mum!) Do you correct them? I didn’t….didn’t want to discourage them in their proud moment. 

 We’ve also done a fair bit of letter writing this week. Moving away from family and friends has been a good prompt for this! I’ve found there’s been much enthusiasm for the idea of sending a letter, but this can turn into frustration about spelling or pictures that didn’t turn out as they hoped….and me trying to answer several requests for help at once. Breathe. 

So that’s the literacy box ticked for one week 🙂

 Painting…I’d hoped they would use the watercolour paints a bit more, but having not been exposed much to this sort of painting, they still want red to be RED and blue to be BLUE, so more often choose this sort of painting….

…which makes for a lot of mess. I’m getting used to it.

We’ve enjoyed the outdoors a lot this week and have had some really hot weather. Discovering that our garden is lined with hundreds of blackberries was a highlight, and they have given us some tasty jam for our favourite snack…

I’m loving reading up about home education. There’s loads of info online and tons of blogs out there which inspire me. I’m particularly interested in the concept of ‘unschooling’ and just wish I had a bit more time to read about it. I’d encourage you to have a google if you’re interested. There’s useful info and stories to inspire whether your children are at school or not. 

On Sunday evening, I had a lovely chat with the local education authority appointed home-ed supporter (a teacher) who really encouraged me. She was friendly, supportive and made me feel free to enjoy this time with the children and not be under pressure to learn particular things. She will visit me and has resources to help if I want them. I had half expected a bit of a ‘fight’ in choosing to home educate but have been pleasantly surprised by how supportive and helpful the council have been. Thanks!

I’ve also been welcomed into the county home-ed network and enjoyed a social gathering with them this week. It was nice to see the kids start to meet some other friends too. We are still working out what groups and activities to join and will hopefully try a couple this week. But sometimes I find less is more and busying ourselves getting to and from different places can be more stress than its worth. One of the challenges of family life with several children is meeting and balancing everyone’s needs. One child thrives on time with other people, one thrives on time alone and I’m not sure about the other two yet! For myself, I could do with meeting a couple of friends who refresh me (I miss you back in Yorkshire!), but I’m usually at my happiest when it’s just me and the kids pottering at home, enjoying each other. 

And I’m loving this chance to blog about my life, so if you’ve got this far, thanks for indulging me. 




One thought on “what we’re enjoying this week….3

  1. We miss you too!

    Love the way they drew around your body to learn about the digestive system, that’s great. Angus is currently fascinated by poo and what is made from and how it all works – this would be a good way to show him. And how nice to hear that your local home-ed person was supportive, that can only be good. xx

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