what we’re enjoying this week, 2

What we’re enjoying this week….

Kittens! Our adorable 8 week old kittens are going to their new homes this weekend. The last few weeks, they have been in prime cuteness and we love having them around….they provide comfort and entertainment for us all. I’ve taken a couple of snaps to remember them by.

The Menu!

Since moving house, we have implemented a 3 week rolling household food menu. It is transforming our family life. No lie. Less complaints, less grumbling, more eating. Because they know what’s coming. And we are saving a lot of money because I just order what we need for the week and its delivered to us. We can just pop to the local farm shop for more fruit, milk etc as required (giving the kids a chance to use money and exercise some choice in a quieter shop). We have an empty slot on a Saturday tea time where the kids eat up any leftovers from the week and we either join them or treat ourselves to a take-away/dine-in meal after they’ve gone to bed. In all honesty, we’re yet to achieve the take-away as their bedtime is going on for ages at the moment, but we’re trying for tonight!

We had a lovely afternoon playing Post Office. I was in my element making tax disks, stamps and magazines to stock up the shop! Everyone joined in, it was role play heaven.

I’ve taken up storytelling on car journeys. Previously, this would be some relatively relaxing time, except when they’re arguing, where we listened to music and I would try and be lost in my thoughts. But I’ve been inspired to tell more stories and I thought car journeys would be a good time. So all this week on the journeys to and from the holiday club they’ve been to, I have told The Marvellous Adventures of Mavis and Barney. I make it up as I go along which I find quite hard work. So I’ve been trying to plan the next chapter beforehand and if I get really stuck for ideas, I ask the kids. They love it, are engrossed in the story and attentive to any detail I may forget! So, the story so far….Mavis is a dynamic older lady with a dog called Barney and they love to go on holiday. At the moment, they’re in Spain (after forgetting their tickets and having to go back home for them) where they have had adventures with Pirates, a golden Gromit statue in the woods, eaten in the purple picnic room, and are now daily visiting Bob the thief who stole their passports. Bob has become a friend of Jesus while in prison and is sharing his new joy with Mavis! I think perhaps these adventures may go on for some years! I must record the summary of each chapter before I forget… I really am not a natural storyteller. I find it difficult to think aloud, so if I can do it, anyone can. The older two keep asking me to tell them more stories and they particularly like stories that could be about children like them. They have lots of ideas. It’s fascinating to hear how the imagined crosses over with their reality.

We have taken away (or hidden) all screens….tv and iPads. Our kids seem to default so quickly to the tv if they can’t immediately think of what to do. The constant battle with how much the tv is on drives me crazy, so I find it easier to just remove it. We’re having a weekly film afternoon and the kids have done well to wait for it this week (well, they’ve been forced to). As the week has gone on, their requests to watch something have become a lot less frequent and I have LOVED watching their creative play. The role play stories they come up with are awesome and it’s so nice for these to be uninterrupted by the tv. It does create for more mess though, but we’re good at ‘blitzing’ the house at the end of the day now.

So, onto another week, I’m looking forward to new things beginning this week and the world seeming a little quieter with schools starting again. Have a great bank holiday weekend whatever you’re doing.


3 thoughts on “what we’re enjoying this week, 2

  1. It’s so wonderful to read about what you’re up to and about your new journey as a home-ed Mum 🙂 Go for it! You are an amazing Mummy and it sounds like you are doing a great job in your new role – your creativity is a wonderful gift to you, your family and beyond. What an adventure – God is going to teach YOU so much as you are reaching your little treasures. Sending lots of love & blessings X

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