what we’re enjoying this week, 1

What we’re enjoying this week….

Digging up the neglected vegetable patch in our garden….not sure what we can plant at this time of year, but getting the patch ready is a start…

…and the things we find while digging….we now have a pet worm!

Painting. The kids each have a small watercolour set and a huge pad of paper and we are exploring paints a lot. I’m finding this so relaxing and want to paint my own ideas but I’m usually called upon to ‘paint a cake’ or ‘paint a bus’! The warm dry weather makes it easier to paint in the garden. It really is eden mess!

We were able to watch some hot air balloons take off this week….the kids didn’t understand why we couldn’t join the passengers, but I am happy to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground!

Headstands. My daughter in particular spends at least half her life upside down at the moment! She can hold a headstand for ages and seems to have incredible core strength (I think she gets it from me ;-))


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