I wasn’t surprised that my children showed an interest in an old and very beautiful Chess set that I put on display when we moved house. It had been hidden away in a cupboard for a long time so they hadn’t seen it before. I was, however, surprised by my own sudden burst of energy to try teaching them how to play. I honestly thought it would be too difficult for them to grasp and have been pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm for the game. It’s the latest craze in our family, with several games happening each day. Matt had to correct some of the ‘rules’ I had taught them, and also has introduced me to a few rules I never knew about…..Did you know that if a pawn makes it over to the other side, it can become a Queen? And she is a versatile lady!

I’m sure playing Chess is doing wonders for these growing minds…not just remembering what each piece can do but planning and strategy. I enjoyed playing with Matt yesterday and trying to actually win, rather than trying not to win when playing with the kids (I made a huge error of judgement when I beat one of them for the first time, thinking they were in the mood to cope with it!!)

There are plenty of websites telling you how to play if you can’t remember either! Enjoy…..


One thought on “stretch

  1. Our boys have been enjoying chess too, especially Zac – perhaps as it avoids letters & numbers that given his dyslexic tendencies seriousky put him off scrabble. They both grasped the rules quickly & it gives them lots of time to start figuring out tactics rather than just working their way round a board game. Having said that they love monopoly too especially Max who likes being banker too (!) – we got the Leeds version at Christmas.

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